LeerForm Fabrication / Design 


Requesting a quote can be initiated through the contact form or email us directly at info@leerform.com 
We can provide whatever level of support your project necessitates but to expedite receiving a quote, please provide us with an overview of your project. This may include:


  1. The scope of your project
  2. Renderings with dimensions, pictures, or a quick narrative about materials, construction requirements, and overall dimensions
  3. Timeline with desired delivery date, if this is a rush order.
  4. Installation or setup requirements
You can also request a design consultation through the contact form or email us directly.


You can also reach us at info@Leerform.com for a quote request or to send source/sample materials, images or diagrams.
Office Number:
718 269-1391
Workshop location:  
(by appointment only)
182 Stewart Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237

Meet our team

Job openings:

Thank you for your interest in working at Leerform. We currently do not have any job openings but we are always interested in talking with people who are meticulous down to 1/64 of an inch, passionate for art and design, and the type of person who may have fallen in love the first time they saw a woodshop or welding setup. Every person that is part of our crew defines who we are as a company and what we provide to each job. We never send anything out that is less than perfect and we are always thinking of the best route to get there.  We are introspective in the work we do and reflexive in how we do it. If that sounds like an apt description, reach out to us at info(at)Leerform.com with a cover letter, resume, and work examples.