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We provide comprehensive design, custom fabrication, and installation services to museums, galleries, artists and the greater arts community. Boasting a fully equipped woodworking and metal fabrication shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we offer services from the precise to the bespoke. Work examples include custom metal or wood fabrication, artwork production, casework, pedestals, plinths, crates, and travel frames. Our design services and professional onsite installation employ best practices in museum-standard art handling. We also closely collaborate with contractors, architects, and designers to build custom cabinetry, furniture and parchment panels.
If you would like discuss project possibilities or need a quote, visit our contact page and fill out our quote request or send us an email at Info@Leerform.com

Leerform (noun)

/lir/ /fôrm/
1. Empty space, inornate or defined by other objects and it’s surrounding.
2. Outer skin of an object, detectable, seen, casing, exterior.
3. The possibility within unoccupied space, the balance of the viewer’s perception, defined boundaries of the environment and the action or process of bringing something into existence. Both the potential within the moments prior to and resulting formations. Empty with the implication of configuration and transformation
As a business, we are defined by the potential of our actions, the passion that we bring to each project and the scope and depth of our client’s ambition.  We look at every project as an opportunity to show our best and embrace all the possibility of your particular project and space – it’s a drive to do something amazing, whether a humble plinth and pedestal, something esoteric from a Artist or Designer or a well built crate – We put forth our best so you can enjoy the benefit of having LEERFORM working in step and as part of your team.
LEERFORM Fabrication | Design
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