Note from Leerform’s Founder:
Every project that our studio develops is a partnership.  We start with solid communication through renderings and discussing all the options to ensure the right outcome.  As a sole proprietor, designer or project manager for an institution, gallery or architectural firm you learn that all your hard work and dedication needs the complement of the right vendors.  Whether it’s for a fair, exhibition or private client it’s all a well-orchestrated magic trick and we are here to hide the wires and make sure all the fireworks actually go off and the timing is right.
We are excited with the future prospect of helping you with your project.  We are hopeful that our great reputation brought you here but if not, we look forward to earning your business.  As a fabrication studio our crew is passionate about what we do and we make sure it shows in every way.  Every project that we get the pleasure of helping out with we have a renewed investment and delivery it on point and ready in advance of your deadline.
We also are an institutional cornerstone for crate building, which speaks to our passion for the details. We can provide something economical that works for your application as well as come up with the perfect solution for long term storage and transit for the near priceless.
Thank you for your interest, look forward to hearing from you soon.
Wyatt Nash


Our core team:


Wyatt Nash, Founder
A cornerstone of the Fine Arts Service community with over 20 years of handling, transport, rigging, packing, crating and storage of museum artifacts experience coupled with fabrication services for artists, museums and galleries.


Wendy Hesslink, Museum Strategy
Conservation and crate innovation happen in measure and with the utmost mindfulness.  At best crates coalesce in the attempt of durability and safety of the object. When encountering a crate designed by Wendy, it’s a crate that any registrar can get excited about and the rest of us excited about the production quality of the pack job, everything that Wendy devises is truly a work of art, around a work of art.


Doug Young, Managing Partner
At the heart of our operation, Doug touches every piece that comes out of the shop. Every bit a FAS legend, with well over 20 years of knowledge and a work ethic and eye for the details unmatched.